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September 27, 2013

Carter designated Proficient district

Sept. 27, 2013 —

The Carter County School District has been designated as a Proficient district with Friday's release of the 2013 Unbridled Learning Assessment and Accountability data.

Carter performed among the top two districts in the region and is in the top 16 percent in the state, outperforming 84 percent of other districts.

Aiding in the district’s vision to become “The Standard of Excellence,” several schools earned the Proficient designation and one earned Distinguished status.

East Carter High School’s scores fell in the top six percent of high schools in the state, outperforming 94 percent of other schools. Their performance earned the school a Distinguished designation and East Carter was the second highest scoring high school in the region.

Being the highest performing middle school in the region, East Carter Middle School performed in the top 13 percent, outperforming 87 percent of middle schools in the state. East Carter Middle School earned a Proficient designation.

Additional schools that were designated as Proficient include West Carter High School, scoring in the 84th percentile; West Carter Middle School, scoring in the 71st percentile; and Star Elementary, scoring in the 84th percentile.

According to assessment results, overall district scores are ranked in order and overall school scores are ranked in order by level – elementary, middle, and high. Based on where they fall in the state order, schools and districts will fall into one of three main classifications:

  • Distinguished – the top 10 percent of district or schools from a particular level (90th percentile)

  • Proficient – in the top 30 percent of districts or schools from a particular level (70th percentile)

  • Needs Improvement – schools/districts falling outside of the Proficient or Distinguished categories (at or below the 69th percentile)

Schools that still need improvement within the district are Carter Elementary School (65th percentile), Heritage Elementary (26th percentile), Olive Hill Elementary (26th percentile), Prichard Elementary (63rd percentile), and Upper Tygart Elementary (52nd percentile).

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