Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)


November 2, 2012

Carter scores show improvement


Nov. 2, 2012 —

Points from these areas are weighted and added together for an overall score, then rank-ordered and placed into percentiles. A school’s or district’s percentile ranking will determine its overall category.

Overall district scores are ranked in order; overall school scores are ranked in order by level – elementary, middle, and high. Based on where they fall in the order, schools and districts will fall into one of three main classifications: distinguished, which is in the top 10-percent of districts or schools from that level, proficient, which falls in the top 30-percent of districts or schools from a particular level, and needs improvement, which are schools or districts falling outside of the Proficient or Distinguished categories.

Complete data for the entire district and for individual schools may be accessed online from the Kentucky Department of Education. (

This is the first year for the Kentucky’s new Unbridled Learning system. The data and scores will be used as a baseline for the future.

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