Journal-Times (Grayson, KY)

May 9, 2013

ACTC graduates 105 Carter County residents

From staff reports

April 26, 2013 — The Ashland Community and Technical College Graduation Ceremony on May 11 recognized 568 students, a new record number of graduates.  Graduates from Carter County are listed below by their city of residence.

From Denton: Frankie L. Price and Miranda A. Yates.

From Grayson: Bretta V. Aukerman, Blake A. Boggs, James D. Boyd, Heather D. Burton, Tyler J. Clay, Zachary D. Coleman, Austin C. Collier, Bethany A. Elliott, Derek C. Flannery, Jacob J. Flocker, Peggy J. Guilds, Amy N. Hall, James E. Hall, David S. Harlow, Dena K. Harris, Cayla R. Haywood, Ryan K. Hicks, Valerie D. Hogston, Colleen A. Howard, Ryan T. Howe, Raymond Kees, Stacy S. Kiser, Kathryn S. Lemaster, Thersa R. Martin, Dylan K. McDavid, Staci R. McDavid, Jennifer L. McGlone, Chassity D. McGranahan, Timothy T. Messer, Joyleana S. Miller, Sarah J. Miller, Scott P. Mulhearn, Hobert D. Muse, Brandon S. Oney, Erica L. Parsons, Michelle Perry, William D. Sielaff, Kevin Skaggs, Mary L. Skaggs, Danielle R. Smith, Richard D. Smith, Judy K. Stapleton, George T. Steele, Christopher R. Stone, Ronda S. Strong, Cassandra L. Sykes, Timothy B. Tolliver, Amanda R. Tussey, Bobbie J. Waggoner, Calen H. Wallin, Matthew S. Wells, Erin N. Withrow and Andrea L. Womack.

From Olive Hill: Kimberly L. Brown, Taylor R. Callahan, Brenda F. Canterbury, Raychel D. Carroll, Stephanie L. Carter, Justin M. Caudill, Shelley S. Caudill, Heather R. Cecil, Robert L. Eastes, Nicholas T. Johnson, Timothy B. Lewis, Samuel H. Lowe, Bob Mann, Rhonda D. May, James S. McDaniel, Norah E. McGlone, Kristin Morris, Deanna L. Nunley, Brittany L. Oney, Vickie C. Rivers, Diane R. Rodgers, Kayla A. Skinner, Charletta L. Smith, Garry L. Steele, Katlyn D. Thompson and Karlie E. Wellman.

From Rush: Loretta L. Benton, Trina Burton, Mellisa D. Dinkens, Anthony D. Flannery, Amanda K. Jones, Melissa S. Leake, Benjamin Lee, Kristie L. Middleton, Jeanette M. Pinkerman, Robert G. Pinkerman II, Victoria L. Purinton, Amanda Quillen, Robert M. Quillen, Betty J. Riffe, Trisha S. Smith, Amanda G. Sparks, Hannah M. Stewart, Corey L. Stroud, Alisa D. Thompson, Krystina N. Thornberry, Catherine E. Wamsley, Tonya M. Whitt and Jeffery S. Williams.

From Hitchens: Travis W. Smith.